The science and numbers behind project success.

PHI™ Project Health People

Project collaboration, culture and confidence should be measured, monitored and improved.

With PHI’s research and evidence based tools behind you, project leaders can drive success. Our research team provides the knowledge base for leaders to make good decisions, act fast and monitor often.

Backing and rigour

The science and experience behind PHI™

Built specifically for construction, mining and infrastructure projects

Built specifically for construction, mining and infrastructure projects

Built specifically for the projects space, the PHI™ is a unique tool. The question banks and dimensions are derived from project research and combined with organisational and behavioural science. All have been field tested on the ground on global projects.

Industry first Benchmarking

Industry first Benchmarking

The PHI platform includes a unique benchmarking set (called ‘Great Projects’) to compare your results.

Developed across 20 years of practice and research the benchmark identifies the best practice levels for project success. Compare your project and see areas for growth and your areas of mastery.

Track Change

Track Change

PHI™ was built as a continuous improvement tool.

The track change feature allows you to measure movement in your project health across time and evaluate the ROI of change efforts.



PHI™ was developed in a collaborative partnership between industry, academic and behavioural scientists.

The result is a world class, world first platform to guide project success.

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Diagnostic Framework

PHI™ is underpinned by an evidence based diagnostic framework.

PHI™ was founded to build valid measures to assess how multiple organisations are working together, guide the projects culture and give leaders the tools to drive teams.

We apply our evidence-based diagnostic framework to measure project health. This includes 3 global lead indicators scores, 12 leadership practices and 6 collaboration measures. Each linked to project success. 

3 lead indicator Indexes

The PCI, PCX and SCI provide a global view of project success. Compared to our ‘great projects benchmark’ they identify where you are now and predict project futures.

Click below for a detailed description of the science behind our 3 lead indicators:

12 Leadership Practices

Our 12 leadership practices identify practical actions for project success.  Your results pin-point areas for change and strategies to implement.

6 Collaboration measures

PHI™ provides a 360 degree view of collaboration between and within project organisations, teams and departments.

By the Numbers (and counting fast)






Data Points

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