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The data and insight to lead great projects.

Uncover the missing piece in your major project data puzzle. PHI™ helps leaders measure and maximise the organisational and people factors that drive project success.

Welcome to PHI™

The project leader's platform

The PHI™ Platform is designed for project leaders to gather data, gain insight and lead change.

Leading complex projects is challenging. Success requires an equal focus on the process and the people.

PHI™ gives leaders deep insight into project culture, alignment of stakeholders, and the ideas to drive success. The tools used in PHI™ were developed by a team of experts, based on proven science and designed specifically for use in major projects within:

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Great projects require human centred data.

PHI™ uses live data submitted by your project team to help you maximise your project's health, engagement, culture, flexibility, leadership, alignment, values, confidence, communication, collaboration and more.

Project Health Indicator

The Platform

Your finger on
the project pulse.

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Project data - powered by your team

Quickly understand where you are heading (the good and the bad) and why.

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Culture makes or breaks projects.

Silos, infighting, re-work, communication failures and adversarial relationships are common in projects.

PHI™ helps you set up for success and stay on course.

Rapid course correction.

Pin-point the root cause of project problems and project strengths to help you adjust fast.


Measure your project's success against our global benchmarks.

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Live Data
Project Dashboard
Insight & Action

Used in Major Projects Worldwide

“The PHI™ process of transforming the team from traditional siloed companies to a single entity delivering the project was immensely liberating”.
John Harmse
Commercial Manager

See how PHI™ was used to transform the Alacer Gold project.

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Project data means nothing without insight.

Backed by our team of project and behavioural experts, PHI™ will help you find the insights and actions that drive success.

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