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The PHI™ platform captures live survey data from your project teams. The data is visualised through our dashboard and tells the story of your projects health.

What we measure and why

PHI™ measures five key dimensions of project health. Click below for more information.

Culture makes or breaks projects.

See why culture is at the heart of project success. What defines it, moves it and shapes it. We show you how you are tracking on your projects:

engagement & culture

diversity & flexibility


alignment & values

success confidence

communication & collaboration

roles & results

health & wellbeing

Culture makes or breaks projects.

Lead indicators snap-shot.

Are we on track?
Track changes in your people’s confidence to hit key project lead indicators including cost, schedule, timeline, innovation, risk, safety. Add additional indicators relevant to your project.

Lead indicators snap-shot.

Between project collaboration.

Modus Operandi
Organisational Modus Operandi (OMO) is a summary of an organisation’s style of organising, behaving and thinking. The root cause of problems between project teams and partners is often found by examining differences in these dimensions. PHI™’s unique OMO method highlights similarities and differences giving you new insight into how to collaborate better to achieve project goals.

Between project collaboration.

Project wide, large teams, sub-teams and individuals.

The Matrix Dashboard
Powerful insights allow you to pin-point exactly which teams or organisations in your project need support and attention. This ensures your change efforts are targeted and effective.

Project wide, large teams, sub-teams and individuals.

Industry first benchmarking.

Benchmarking Great Projects
The PHI™ platform includes a unique benchmarking set (called ‘Great Projects’) to compare your results. Developed across 20 years of practice and research the benchmark identifies the best practice levels for project success. Compare your project and see areas for growth and your areas of mastery.


Staged survey deployment
lets you gather insights from the ground up.

Capture live feedback easily and efficiently to create your project data bank.

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A powerful reporting tool.

The data driven insights from our Project Health Reports drive informed decision making. From the project team on the ground to project sponsors, and executive teams and boards.

Intuitive, insight driven user experience.

Our dashboard UX design is user-friendly and easy to understand. Allowing you to find the insights and take action quickly and easily.

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A powerful tool with support, when you need it.

From de-briefing results to coaching you through a whole project cycle our team is here to help. Dial up and down based on what you need and when.

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