More than just a platform we come for the ride.

Select the PHI™ package that
best suits your project.

The data
to guide the way.

Perfect for:

A self-starter project team. You have the skills to interpret the data and create your own actions.

Also suitable for project executive teams, project sponsors or boards seeking regular data led insights.

Dive Deeper

Perfect for:

Project teams wanting to dive deep through debriefs and workshops.

We’ll come
along the ride.

Perfect for:

Complex projects wanting coaching support, from startup to closeout.

Combined with the features of
PHI PLUS™ this is a powerful way to embed success practices into your project.

Survey deployment:
- PHI™
- PHI Pulse™
Pre-survey briefing of participating organisations.
Unlimited contributors.
Access to the full dashboard & data.
Insights and actions workshop.
Additional Insights and actions workshops with each participating organisation.
Planned workshops to drive project success – Kickoff, mid-project and closeout.
Coaching support across the project lifespan.
Support with survey communications.

Used in Major Projects Worldwide

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