We set out to discover what makes great projects…

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And found the missing piece in your project data puzzle.

Complex projects are on the rise in the infrastructure, mining and construction sectors. These projects bring together multiple stakeholders to deliver high stakes initiatives, often in difficult conditions.

A high performing human system underpins success in these projects. Project leaders already have sophisticated tools to measure cost, schedule, safety and planning but there is no way to measure the “human factors” that drive success – until now.

The Missing Piece

PHI™ complements exisiting tools by measuring the human and organisational factors that drive success.

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Why PHI™?

PHI™ was founded to build valid measures to assess how multiple organisations are working together, guide the projects culture and give leaders the tools to drive success.

Great project culture starts with tapping into project teams experiences.

PHI gives leaders an efficient method to hear their people and create positive change.

Traditional metrics tell only half the story - PHI completes the picture.

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Some of our key leaders

With deep experience, the global PHI™ team brings the nous to improve project life.

Peter Llewellyn-Smith



A true believer that culture, great data and leadership makes or breaks projects.

Peter brings a history of innovation to his work. He leads our PHI™ team of behavioural and project specialists to build the data and insights project leaders need.

Peter leads the expansion of PHI’s impact into projects across the globe.

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John Ebbett

PHI™ Industry Advisors

Advisory Board

PHI™ is supported by a team of industry advisors and project leaders.

Our Advisors collaborate with the PHI™ team to refine our question banks and approach to collecting data. Their real world project leadership experience ensures the PHI™ is fit for the construction, mining and infrastructure sectors.

Forrest James


Head of Project Delivery

A behavioural science leader, Forest heads up our project delivery teams.

With over 30 years of on the ground project experience, Forrest has spent a career supporting project teams and leaders make projects work.

A true engager, Forrest develops deep relationships with his project teams and opens the space for collaboration and real conversations.

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Deb Martindale


Head of Project Delivery

A leader in real world project change and enhancement. Deb heads up our project delivery teams.

With a career including senior leadership roles across multiple government sectors, Deb brings an applied understanding of public value projects and government services to the team.

She brings the rare combination of project and people nous to her PHI™ role.

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Brett Barfoot


Head of Data Analytics

A statistician, organisational psychologist and industrial sociologist, John provides in-depth analysis of our PHI™ datasets. 

These insights are channelled back into our products to build meaningful benchmarks that guide project teams to realise their best.

John has a rare combination of data nous combined with real-world experience of working on large infrastructure projects.

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Brett Barfoot


Head of Customer Experience

A seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the customer experience industry.

His keen insights into the customer journey are informed by a wealth of data-driven understanding.

As the Head of Customer Experience, Brett is passionate about creating positive customer experiences and is dedicated to ensuring that every customer interaction with PHI™ is seamless and exceptional.

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Used in Major Projects Worldwide

Annaleigh McKay
The PHI™ team are so refreshing to work with- they role model what they teach, have fun in their work and will not agree to do something they don’t think will work.
Annaleigh McKay
Head of Learning
& Development
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See how PHI™ was used to transform the Alacer Gold project.

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